Shouldn’t Public Safety be a Public Matter?

An Open Letter to the Residents of Toronto from the Toronto Police Association.

As the Association representing 8,000 uniform and civilian members of the Toronto Police Service, we are concerned about the growing disconnect between the police and the community.

This disconnect comes at a time when the Toronto Police Service is facing unprecedented challenges, including proposed budget cuts and “transformative change” in the delivery of police services.

While politicians and some community groups are focused on reducing the cost of policing, there has been a significant increase in violent crime. The safest city in North America has a gun violence problem. Compared to a year ago, shootings have increased 61 percent. Shooting deaths have increased 217 percent. And typically gun violence only gets worse in the summer.

There has also been a lot of talk around “carding.” For the record, let us say this – we accept that carding, or what we call street checks online casino in canada — is over.

It is time to move forward and find a meaningful way to engage proactively with the community. There has never been a more critical time for the police, the province, our civic leaders and the residents of Toronto to collectively take a firm stand against violent crime.

Our Association is 100% committed to building mutual trust and respect with the communities we serve and protect. Our members work on the front line every day and have real insights on how to combat gun violence and how to improve public safety and police services. Our voices need to be heard. As do yours.

Public safety is not an issue that can be decided behind closed doors. Public safety must become a public matter.

The time for action is now. We need to focus on what will truly strengthen community policing and public safety within our communities for you and your children. Join with the members of the Toronto Police Association by showing your support at Your voice matters.



Mike McCormack President

On behalf of the TPA Board of Directors