The Toronto Police Association (TPA) is the largest, single as­sociation of its kind in Canada and one of the most influential police associations in North America. From humble beginnings over 80 years ago, the TPA now represents over 8,000 uniform and civilian members, excluding uniform officers above the rank of Staff Sergeant and civilian senior officers. The fundamental purpose of the TPA is “to protect those who protect others”. We accomplish this by promoting and advancing the health, safety and economic well-being of the membership.

Our vision is to:

  • be recognized as a progressive and innovative leader in representing our members
  • advocate and negotiate from a position of solidarity and strength
  • ensure a healthy, sustainable future by valuing fiscal accountability and transparency
  • build support and confidence through effective communication with an engaged membership

An equally important role for the TPA is to uphold the honour of the police pro­fession. We influence internal and external decision makers by advo­cating on matters affecting our mem­bership, the police profession and the community. We ensure a strong, collective voice by lobbying at all levels of govern­ment to generate public and political interest on the value of local policing. Engagement with our members helps to build a democratic Association, thereby building a strong and united organization.