24-Aug-21 Toronto Police Association Opposes Mandatory Vaccine Announcement

The Toronto Police Association ("TPA") is aware of the Toronto Police Service ("TPS") announcement on the implementation of its own mandatory vaccination policy for all members.  We understand this is an initial announcement without any policy documentation, procedure, or routine order in place.

02-July-21 Toronto Police Association Statement Death of Detective Constable Jeffrey Northrup

The tragic loss of Detective Constable Jeffrey Northrup is undeniably heartbreaking. The Toronto Police Association sends our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fellow police officers of Jeffrey Northrup, a hardworking, dedicated family man with a long line of service.

13 Apr 21 - Toronto Police Association Missing Persons Review Statement 
The Independent Civilian Review into Missing Persons Investigations was an important undertaking by the Honourable Gloria J. Epstein, Lead Counsel Mr. Mark Sandler and all members who supported and worked with them. This was a significant review with a mandate to examine how Toronto Police manage missing persons investigations in relation to vulnerable and marginalized individuals.

10 Apr 21 - Toronto Police Association Bail Release Statement 
The Toronto Police Association (“TPA”) is calling for the urgent need for a fulsome review of how our bail laws are being applied and interpreted. The release of Neelkanth Shah – charged with the attempted murder of a police officer – can only be characterized as eroding public confidence in the administration of justice